Alexis Bearinger [Photography]



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I'll start with the important stuff. I'm sure we could both think of a photographer or two who didn't want to mention their pricing right up front because they were afraid they'd scare you away. Not me, my friend!

I charge $100/hour for shooting time, regardless of how long you need me, and a $250 retouching fee. Retouching is a very important part of the process, I'll talk a little more about that in the next section.


Retouching. What exactly does that mean, and why do you need to pay a fee for it? 

Like Van Gogh used a brush and Michelangelo used a chisel, photographers use their cameras as a tool. The camera only does the ground work for us; it collects the information we need to create a work of art. The real magic happens afterwards when we get to post-production! I charge a separate fee for retouching because its a separate part of the work.

Click here to see a few 'before and after' examples from some of my favorite shoots!

The Big Day

On your big day, you're going to want to have everything prepared. I totally get it! I'm not married yet, but I've seen my share of weddings now and I know how intimidating things can seem. It's for that reason that I want to let you know exactly what I'll be doing while you're getting ready to walk down that aisle! In this section I'll walk you through the entire process of shooting for each section of your wedding, beginning to end. 

If you hire me for the entire day, I'll meet you at your destination first thing in the morning to capture you getting ready. Some brides want images of just them, and some want shots of both them and their partner during prep. Whichever you choose, I'll hop from room to room to be sure that I get every shot you could possibly want. I know lot of people can end up crammed in your prep room with you, so I always do my best to shoot discretely and out of the way so I always get the most genuine shot. For the rest of your wedding I'll be shooting with an assistant to carry equipment, but because prep is a much more private department, I'll tackle that part on my own. Also in the prep room, I usually try to find the time to sneak the rings from both parties to get some up close detail shots. I find it's best to get those shots during prep so that I'm not taking time away from you later during portraits. 

If you decide to do 'first looks' with your bride or groom before you head down the aisle, we'll head out together after prep to find the perfect spot to get those shots together. Personally first looks are always one of my favorite parts!

Before the ceremony begins, I'll take a walk around your destination with my assistant to get shots of the altar, decorations, details, and candid shots of your guests as they fill in to find their seats. My assistant, Kyle, generally finds a discrete spot to stand that is out of the way but close to me as I shoot so I can quickly and easily change lenses as need be.

I'll hop around the altar and get shots of you coming down the aisle, your partner's face as they anxiously await your arrival, vows, party members, minister, details of ring exchanges, and every other shot you could possibly need. 

Click here to download a list of 'must have' shots. You can check off your personal top shots and get the list back to me before the wedding. This way, you, my assistant, and I all know exactly which moments mean the most to you, and what images I really need to give special attention to while I'm shooting on the big day. 

After the ceremony I'll capture you and your partner greeting your guests on their way out. Some of the most heartfelt moments happen here as you're smiling and hugging the people that mean the most to you. It's definitely a section of the wedding that is under-appreciated!

Next is everyone's favorite part; portraits!

Many brides and grooms want to have lots and lots of time for portraits. I myself will be in that category someday- I want as many hours worth of portraits as I can squeeze out of my big day. Some, on the other hand, want to just snap a few shots and be on their way. Both are totally fine and 100% up to you! Below I’ve included a link to a form you fill out so we both know the exact specifications that you’d like for your wedding, including what section of the wedding means the most to you (if any), what styles of photography you prefer, and so on. Regardless of what you choose, I will shoot as many photographs as needed to capture your wedding portraits exactly the way you want them.

When shooting portraits I find that it’s best to get all of the group shots out of the way first so that your guests can head to your reception and enjoy their cocktail hour while we finish up your portraits with you and your bride and/or groom. Besides, some of the most genuine shots happen when your friends and family aren’t standing by watching!